Stirling Pageant Belly Dancers

Belly Dance Amethyst Bridgewater dancers were joined by some lovely fairy helpers at the 2017 Stirling Christmas Pageant last Sunday.

The weather was beautiful, the girls looked lovely and a good time was had by all!


Adelaide Belly Dance Festival

Raqs Rabiya were very excited to perform at the Adelaide Belly Dance Festival expo on the October long weekend.

Karinishka, Rachel & Samara performed Batalti Eli Spanish Fan fusion to an enthusiastic audience at this popular event.

Bridgewater Belly Dancers

Belly Dance Amethyst Term 1 Hafla

Belly Dance Amethyst’s end of Term 1 Hafla was a lovely night filled with great company and performances.

Thanks again to my wonderful Bridgewater students for doing me proud. You all did a fantastic job in both dances.